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Christophe Verhaeghe,
Team Manager


Deep Dive into Domino 9

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Blogger disclaimer : this blogpost is technical. You may continue reading this blogpost if you now the answer to this question:
To how many characters is a notes.ini string limited?
Is Domino 9 a major release?
Does it come with the quality of a maintenance release?
The answer to both questions is "Yes, Sir" so do not expect pitfalls because it is only a 9.0.
Let's deep dive into some neat Domino 9 features:
DMBT (Database Management Tool)
DMBT involves revisiting your current compact strategy and modify appropriately. It also replaces the need for running compact, updall
It will be possible to schedule multithreads such as compact, updall and full text index over a particular time frame or by specifying a start time/ stop time.
By default, DBMT does not compact the 16 system databases.
-force settings will enable the server to take nsf's offline for fixup & compact 
Mail routing
MailFileEnableDeliveryFailover=1 is a new setting to be added to the notes.ini to enable delivery failover to another cluster node when server is hanging.
To improve the end user's failover experience, the inbox views are being rebuilt more accurately on both cluster nodes. This avoids having the message "opening, opening, opening, etc." when cluster failover kicks in. This will work even with a customized mail template provided the template name has been added to the notes.ini
Admin Client
"Last compact date" column has been added to the IBM Domino Administrator 9.0
"Space used" field now shows more accurate data since it gets recalculated more efficiently.
DBMT dumps the stats into the console including how many compact tasks were unsuccessful because database was in use, etc. This enables the administrator to get a quick overview on the DMBT activities.
Server Groups
It is now possible to create Groups of servers. Those groups need to be "Server Only" groups. By having those server groups, program records can now apply to servers group name. As soon as a server gets migrated to a newer version, it can be added to the group and all the standard program documents will be applied straight away.
Compact replication
This new feature has been created to avoid problems when databases have lots of additions, deletions and modified documents. This feature needs to be applied to a particular subset of databases where lots of change take place. This will make the end user experience smoother.
Protected groups
A new field "Prevent deletion of these groups" has been added. A window pops up when someone wants to delete a group listed in the "prevent deletion of these groups" field. You do not want very important ACL groups to be deleted, do you ?
Quality of Service (QoS in short)
A new self healing thread is now available in the java console. Make sure you use the java console.
This thread (or these threads) will enable to smart kill a server. and/or notify the administrator about it.
This will ensure only good news reaches the system administrators.
There are no ODS changes foreseen in Domino 9.

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