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Geert Van de Steen,
Project Manager


Domino 9 Administration update - The DBMT tool

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DBMT stands for Database Maintenance Tool and is a new feature in version 9 of IBM Domino. Essentially, it does everything compact, fixup and updall do, but then combined in one action. It even throws in a number of other interesting options.

When using DBMT, you no longer need to schedule your compact, fixup and updall tasks, so you can get rid of most of your program documents. You only need one program document, to start DBMT at server startup and you are ready to go.

It can be scheduled for just one server, a group of server, or by using  "*" you can configure it to run on all of your server.

By default, DBMT does not run on your system databases, but it will do an updall and update full text indexes on them.

A feature I like a lot deals with compact operations. You can define an interval in which compacting can take place. If DBMT reaches the end of this interval, it will continue compacting the next time where it left off the last time. So eventually, over a period of time, it will compact all of your databases without the need of input from an administrator.

Another one I like is the fact that compact operations on mailboxes will no longer be interrupted when new mail is delivered to them. The new mail will be buffered in mail.box until the compact operation has finished.

Finally, a new sortable column has been added to the administration client, where you can see when a database was last compacted.

If you want to know all the secrets of DBMT , and how to configure it the best for your environment, don't hesitate to contact us.

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