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Julien Lefort,
Senior System Engineer


EASI's "Admin Blast" training

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Did you ever have this feeling that you know enough to perform your duties as an IBM Domino administrator, but that you, your organization and its users, would definitely benefit from a little training ?

A training that would increase your efficiency, responsiveness and self-confidence by

  • Levelling your knowledge in Domino server administration and confirming that you master all the required skills to perform your duties efficiently. No grey area left behind!

  • Teaching you the most useful and widely recognised best practices for the administration of your IBM Domino environment.

  • Giving you privileged access to the knowledge of a team of specialists.

This training exists and has been set in place by EASI. It is called the "Admin blast training" and is a very pragmatical condensate of all the tips, tricks and best practices that we could gather through the extended experience of our team of IBM Notes / Domino experts, as well as the many contacts that we have in the Domino administration world.

Interested ? Does that ring a bell ? Please do not hesitate to contact us for detailed information and for scheduling a training date.

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