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Filip Van Hove,
Public Relations


EASI inspired by Special Olympics

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Last week from the 4th until the 7th of May there was something very special happening in La Louvière. The Special Olympics were occurring and EASI was present as one of the partners of the event. We felt so taken by the cause and the event that we decided to become partner and volunteer, offering a helping hand to the organization and athletes.

There was a team of 30 people from EASI who volunteered and the management team was also there to enjoy the spectacle and to help out.
All of the people from EASI were really stunned by how much the athletes shared excellent values of preparation and self-discipline but also respect and fair-play. Balancing the competitive nature of sports with the values of respect and fair play is something that we saw and learned from during those 4 days.

We have passed a great time at the Special Olympics. We have seen both victory and defeat, a great atmosphere and most importantly a great organization doing amazing work! All the athletes were supported and helped in an incredible way so they could perform at their absolute best!
This resulted in the fact that all the athletes excelled in their respective sports, but this also proved a great building ground for the volunteers to connect with the athletes. What we saw was that a connection grew. By the end, athletes and volunteers celebrated victory together. This was a beautiful thing to see.

This all contributes to our decision to certainly continue this commitment and we definitely hope to see all of you in any of the next occasions. You will be astonished and inspired and will have a great time, just like we did last week.

PS. It was also fun to see that the hats EASI made for the athletes and volunteers were very popular.
PPS. If you come by, maybe you will also get a free EASI-hat and look cool. :-)

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