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Pol Van Dionant,
HR Officer


EASI is playing the 1/4 finals in Europe!

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Two weeks ago, the Great Place To Work Europe-event took place in Dublin. On this event, the 50 Best Workplaces of Europe were announced.
All Best Workplaces in Europe are being re-evaluated for the same criteria as for the national Great Place to Work competition.

How does it work?

  • First of all, all the EASI employees had to fill in an anonymous and objective survey in which they evaluated EASI in terms of credibility, respect, fairness, pride and camaraderie.
  • The second element is the Culture Audit. This is a management questionnaire that helps the GPTW- Institute to assess the culture of EASI.

Let me take you back in time:

2014, was the first year that EASI participated in the Belgian GPTW-competition, we ended on a very creditable 5th place.
Not bad for a first participation. In the Europe GPTW contest, EASI was 47th Best Workplace.

In 2015, EASI was declared as #1 Best Workplace of Belgium. An extraordinary achievement!
This title was a major recognition for the company in terms of pride but also in terms of growth.
There were far more applications on our jobsite and we hired 30 new colleagues! This first place in Belgium gave us a big leap forward in the ranking of Europe’s Best Workplace: 17th place.

In 2016 EASI was once again Belgium’s Best Workplace. Now what does that give in Europe?
Among a list of 1050 companies, EASI has been elected as 8th Best Workplace in Europe!

We are very proud with this result!
All the efforts EASI is making for the well-being of our colleagues is bearing fruit and as a company, we will continue to do everything in our power to make EASI A Great Place To Work!

The final and the first place are in sight.
Europe, here we come ;-)

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