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Julien Lefort,
Senior System Engineer


IBM Sametime - a quick recapitulation of features

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With IBM Sametime coming in three different flavors including a free one that already brings valuable features, people easily get confused about which features come with each version. A little recapitulation might help...

Sametime Entry is, well, the entry level, it's free and already brings these features:

- Instant messaging, or chat --> a more casual and direct way to exchange with colleague. Easier than email, less intrusive than telephone.

- Presence awareness --> know when your colleagues are available at their desk.

Then, Sametime standard brings:

- Voice and point-to-point video communication. Speak to and see your colleagues !

- On-line meeting rooms, where users can schedule meetings to take place "in the air", whether the participants are in the same office or on different continents.

- File sharing between users during a meeting.

- Easy screen sharing.

- Location information, business card sharing --> easily get basic information about what your users are up to.

Finally, with IBM Sametime advanced, you get

- Persistent Group Chat Rooms

  • Users can create, enter, and read/contribute to ongoing chats at any time
  • Users can be alerted to new content, events, and people in the chat room.
  • Users can participate from the Lotus Sametime Connect client or a browser
  • Persistent Chat Rooms can be linked to Broadcast Channels

- Real-time Broadcast Channels

  • Broadcast Announcements: real-time alerts can be sent to channel subscribers.

  • Instant Poll: subscribers can create and respond to real-time polls.

  • Broadcast Chat: invite members of a broadcast community to an online group conversation.

Location services

  • Server-stored locations.

  • Ability to see the last time and location from which an offline colleague was last online.

  • Instant Share: share or remotely control a computer screen with colleagues

What's next ? Unified Telephony.

Sametime Unified Telephony, or SUT, allows for the connection of an IBM Sametime infrastructure to the regular telephone network. And that will be the topic of another blogpost to come...

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