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Julien Lefort,
Senior System Engineer


Interim Fix for Notes Traveler 9 has been released!

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The 2nd interim fix for IBM Notes Traveler 9 is available. It addresses a variety of issues, so it certainly fixes a problem you are experiencing!

What is an interim fix?
An interim fix is a cumulative collection of fixes that arise between fix packs. Interim fixes are typically supplied in response to specific customer reported problems and they are available for a subset of platforms.

What is a fix pack ?
A fix pack is a cumulative collection of fixes. Fix packs are made available periodically. Fix packs are typically available for all platforms. We expect the first fix pack for IBM Notes Traveler 9 to be released by the end of the year.

Should I apply this interim fix ?
Yes, as it fixes security issues. It also addresses other problems you might already be, or will be, experiencing.

Where can I get it ?
It's available here, at IBM fix central, together with instructions on how to apply it.

I'm not sure...
Well, ask us for advice !

When will Fix Pack 1 for IBM Notes Traveler be released ?

Very soon, as it is now in the "Gold release" status.

List of Fixes

Note: Notes Traveler IF2 includes all fixes delivered in all previous releases in addition to the fixes listed here.

  • LO76786    Server may crash processing HTML content for special document types such as Phone Message.

  • LO76871    Attachment may not sync if name contains symbols such as percent sign.

  • LO76877    User preference for save sent mail may not be honored when send from Mobile device.

  • LO76944    Server may not start if Java API reports IP address not reachable.

  • LO76965    BB10: Forward attachment may corrupt attachment name if special characters.

  • LO77066    Duplicate plain text reply notice received if one of the recipients has special characters in the name.

  • LO77101    Native memory leak streaming attachments may lead to server performance degradation.

  • LO77108    Sometimes not able to edit linked contact on Android device.

  • LO77114    Surface certain MDM APIs for MDM provider usage.

  • LO77158    Potential slow Java memory growth on long running server.

  • LO7160      Unable to sync data on Windows device if folder present with blank name.

  • LO77174    BB10: Contact anniversary field not retained if anniversary date is 1-1-1970.

  • LO77183    Unable to determine Domino server version error displayed during install of Traveler server.

  • LO77206    Meeting char may receive update notice if they are listed as an attendee of their own meeting.

  • LO77215    Delay in syncing attachments on Apple device could result in sync key mismatch.

  • LO77218    Work around for Android OS SecureRandom bug.

  • LO77240    Traveler task may terminate if processing more than 120 meeting update notices.

  • LO77247    Windows device may stop receiving automatic updates.

  • LO77271    Notes Traveler contact editor may not be a choice on some Android devices.

  • LO77279    Prohibit download attachment setting not honored for Windows devices.

  • LO77306    Attachment may not sync for special document types such as Phone Message.

  • LO77327    Traveler server may not send mail if local mail server and multiple mail.box files.

  • LO77355    Duplicate contact creation not prevented if the contact only has one or two fields specified.


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