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Christophe Verhaeghe,
Team Manager


Lotus Notes becomes IBM Notes. Nostalgia & Vintage

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French version here

It took the new Lotus notes client Beta version only 72 hours to reach 10000 downloads. Thanks to the famous Ed Brill (@edbrill) for sharing those statistics.
Although those figures cannot be compared to sales phenomenons such as millions of iPhone 5 sold in only x days, more than one billion Facebook users, etc., it is nonetheless a world event. The Lotus Notes client is being used across all continents!

Why is this rebranding so popular?
Some would only see a slight name change made by the Lotus Notes vendor: one 5-letter word drops out (Lotus) to be replaced by a 3-letter word (IBM). This brings me back in 1991 when Mars Inc. decided to change the brand Raider to Twix in some European countries. It tasted the same. There was only a name change. With regards to Lotus Notes, let's drag the comparison a bit further.

Some of our (older) blog followers (should I state more experienced?) might remember this: back in 1983, the same Mars Inc. company decided 2 things: Treets would become M&M's and the one-color brownish sweets would also change color. This looks more alike what has just happened for Lotus Notes. The Lotus Notes / iNotes (webmail) logos and the yellow-orange colors are now left behind in favor of the blue IBM Notes logo.

So, this is it ! Lotus Notes becomes IBM Notes. Our followers will for sure remember my fellow colleague Philippe's blogpost where he already explained the Lotus rebranding steps. The last milestone has just been reached with the arrival of the new product: IBM Notes.

And to make things even better, 2013 also means a brandnew major version is soon to be released : the awaited version 9. You will of course find those new colors. However there is more to the new version that catches the eye: an intuitive modern interface and the integration of all social aspects within your company.

We will keep you posted on the upcoming details you should find within IBM Notes 9. Stay tuned on our blog for scenes of our next episodes.

Whilst we all wait for the official release, why don't you share your thoughts about IBM Notes 9 here?

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