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Herman Clicq,
Marketing Manager


Our IT Infrastructure blog has moved

2412 read – 0 comments – IT Infrastructure – Tags: EASI

The EASI blog is a project that started back in 2012.

Today, 1066 articles later, time has come to improve the way EASI is blogging.

That's why we decided to rebuild our blogs from scratch. As you know, our different products and services have their own dedicated website. Well, from now on, they also have their own, associated blog. This will enable our visitors to find the information they are looking for far more easily! On top of that, our new blog(s) are mobile friendly!

However, for those who want to continue seeing all EASI's blogs, regardless the website on which they are published, we created blog.easi.net, where all our articles are aggregated.

So you don't need to change your bookmarks. Continue visiting our blog like you're used to.

If you want to read our old articles, they will stay available on http://archive.blog.easi.net.

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