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Julien Charles,
Marketing Officer


Welcome on board Johan

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Johan Tournet, our new Project Manager, gives us its first impressions...

Q: What has seduced you at EASI? 

I was in contact with EASI about 3 years ago. It happened while I was working on  a Power-i project for my previous employer, Lecot-Raedschelders, where I was ICT Infrastructure Manager. I was immediately amazed by the professional approach of EASI, all along the line of this project, as well in the commercial stage as in the support. Over the years, our relations have tightened on both ways. According to these firmer relations, I still had the same impression about EASI and its employees. There were a lot of positive interactions with the sales teams and the technical staff. For me, EASI is a company where people work in the same positive spirit, and where is a great personal commitment. That's why the values of EASI fit perfectly with my personal conviction.


Q: What are your first impressions?

I only started a couple of weeks ago ... However, I was quite impressed by the little morning ritual of greeting everyone in the company when you arrive. I must say it was quite a new experience for me ... So far I also received a very friendly welcome from all the employees, and none of my questions were too much to ask. I'm now getting to know my colleagues better and discovering all the applications. Above this, they offer internal trainings and give me enough time to find my way within the company and develop myself. Furthermore, EASI emanates a professional atmosphere concerning his buildings, applications, software, people, ... After a few weeks, my feeling has confirmed my first impression: the company, its people and its applications are amazing. 


Q: Can you already reveal us your ambitions?

Together with my colleagues of the SI team, I wish to evolve with my team. I also have a long-term vision to develop myself, to grow within the company and to build up my relationships. 


Q: Outside of work, what are your hobbies?

I watch a lot of movies and series ... I also read several American and European comics ... Following the Formula 1 and  gaming occurs occasionally. 
But mostly, making time to have diner at the restaurant and enjoying my family, is very important to me.


Q: We have not yet addressed, but what is your exact role in the company EASI?

Project Manager Systems Integration (IBM Power i / Virtualization / Storage & Cloud2be).

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