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Maarten van de Sande,
Business Consultant


What happens in Lisbon, stays in Lisbon...

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But we would like to share some of it with you ;-). In order to thank us for our efforts in the last couple of years, the management of the Application Department decided we deserved a trip abroad.
During one of our bi-monthly team meetings, our director Frédéric told us that the selected destination for our trip was Lisbon. The rest was kept as a surprise.

After a couple of months waiting, the day had finally arrived. We were asked to gather at Brussels Airport at 5 o'clock in the morning in order to arrive around 9 o'clock in Lisbon. At the airport in Lisbon we we're welcomed by Sandra who guided us to a bus which took us to the hotel.

When arriving at the hotel we all quickly packed our swimsuits and after a well-deserved refreshment a bus picked us up and took us to the nearby city Setubal.

In Setubal, we boarded a boat who took us to an island nearby the coast of Portugal. When the anchor was lowered we all took a refreshing dive in the ocean. When everyone was cooled down, lunch was served on the boat.
After lunch, our boat took off to sail near the coast of Portugal. When sailing along the coast, we even spotted some dolphins!

A couple of hours later, we moored in the harbour of Portugal. A bus was awaiting us to take us back to the hotel. At the hotel, we didn't have a lot of time to rest because an hour later a bus picked us up to bring us to the centre of Lisbon.
In the centre three authentic trams were reserved to take us to the restaurant where we would eat diner. During this amazing tram ride through Lisbon a pre-dinner drink with some snacks were served in the tram.

The tram dropped us of in front of the restaurant where we enjoyed a nice diner.

After diner, some colleagues returned to the hotel to have a drink at the roof top bar, but most colleagues discovered the nightlife of Lisbon.

The next morning, everyone slowly started arriving at the breakfast table (I guess it was really late for some people ;-)). Right after breakfast, we left for our last activity of the trip. Everyone had the possibility to choose between a Jeep rally or to discover Lisbon by foot via a photo search. Of course a nice lunch was arranged after our activity.

The trip started to come to an end and after a quick dive in the hotel pool it was time to return to the airport in order to fly back to Brussels. At 23u50 we touched ground in Brussels after an amazing weekend.
Tired but satisfied, everybody went home because the day after it was time to get back to work.

Thanks for the management of Application Development to organise this fabulous trip. Hopefully we don't need to wait too long for the next one ;-)


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