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Julien Lefort,
Senior System Engineer


What's new in IBM Notes Traveler 9 ?

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Together with IBM Domino and IBM Notes, a new version of IBM Notes Traveler has been released. So what's new ? What are the new features ? EASI's system integration team checked them out for you.

Additional mobile devices support
IBM Notes Traveler 9 supports the latest smartphones, including:

  • Windows phone 7.5, 7.8 and 8.
  • Windows RT and Windows 8 Pro for tablets
  • BlackBerry 10

Smartphones that were supported in previous version continue to be supported.

Better support for Android devices
Access to email, calendar and contact data from android devices has been enhanced: there is a new  "month"view for the calendar, and the user interface has been improved to make use of larger screen sizes to display multiple pieces of data simultaneously.

Many security features have been added too, and this makes the access to corporate data from android devices a lot safer.

The bottom line here being:

  • A user pops up in your office with her or his new Windows 8 smartphone and, after explaining you how cool it is, asks you to set up email, calendar and contact access on it --> You need IBM notes Traveler 9.
  • Another person comes brightly smiling into your office and hand you over a smartphone. It's the new BlackBerry Z10 ! --> you have two options, one of them is IBM Notes Traveler 9.
  • You go to the coffee machine and a colleague complains that email and calendar data do not display well on her Android smartphone (What a day...) --> IBM Notes Traveler 9 can help here !
  • On the way to lunch, a department head ambush  you in a corridor and inquire when he will finally be able to use his Android smartphone to access corporate data, considering it is currently blocked because of security issues --> IBM Notes Traveler 9, again.
  • Management asks you to cut cost down and "do we really need that many servers by the way ?" (granted, you deserve a drink back home tonight) --> Start the process of phasing out your BES server by servicing new BlackBerry smartphones from your upgraded IBM Notes Traveler 9 server.

Improved handling of Lotus Notes documents
Lotus Notes links that are contained in mail messages and viewed on IBM Lotus Notes Traveler clients will now include an additional URL hotspot which points to the web address of the application server. It may be possible to open the linked application using a browser on the mobile device, similar to how applications can be opened using an iNotes application.

Sent folder save options
IBM Lotus Notes Traveler now honors the user's preferences for handling the saving of mail in the Sent Mail folder. In prior releases, sent mail was always saved in the Sent Mail folder.

IBM Lotus Notes To Do support
Support for IBM Lotus Notes To Do's has been added for IBM Lotus Notes Traveler on Android and Apple iOS devices. iOS devices require the IBM Lotus Notes Traveler To Do application which is available from the Apple App store. The To Do application for Android devices is bundled with the applications that make up the IBM Lotus Notes Traveler client for Android.

So, how do we get going from there ?

Just ask us ! EASI already has the expertise in IBM Notes Traveler 9, and we can help you for sure !

Feel free to contact us for any questions you might have.

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For Android you can now get the software from Android Market/Google Play. But why do we not get the newest available version?



Hans Holt
Dear Hans, the version currently available on Google play is version 9.0, which is the latest.



Julien Lefort
For the "Sent folder save options", both Mail and Traveler servers must be in version 9 ?



Dear Michael, Thank you for your comment. No, there is no need for both servers to be in version 9, the mail server can be in version 8.5.



Julien Lefort
Having Zero luck getting a Dell Latitude 10 ST2 Windows 8 Pro tablet to sync with Traveler 9. Seems like we have to turn off ALL security settings in the Traveler profile (server side) for sync to work. Ideas?



Dear Paul, thank you for your comment. Unfortunately, it seems that Windows 8, which is the operating system installed on the Dell Latitude ST2, is not supported by Traveler 9. Windows phone 8 is supported operating system. I would recommend to access emails through the webmail from this tablet PC.



Julien Lefort
Hi Julien, when user changed their password on Notes 9 client, the new password isn't sync to Traveler, user has to changed it manually. Why? Will this be changed in the future? Thanks




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