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Laure De Pauw,
HR Advisor


When some committed people want to change the world !

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“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” - Margaret Mead


This article follows the article that my colleague, Laurent Delime, wrote on 26.01.15 about the Feel Good Committee and the Feel Good Team concept at EASI.

You may ask yourself, what is the difference between the Feel Good Committee and the Feel Good Team?

The FG Committee has been established in order to bring structure and to give best practice input to activities that may have been already organised in the past… while the FG Team (formerly “EASI Club”) is elected by all the employees during an election campaign held in January, and strives to organize activities throughout the year, until the next elections.

I am a member of the Feel Good Team for 2015, along with Olivier Lê, Julien Meulemans and Med Ziane. We’re having the pleasure to give colour, taste and fun this year for everybody at work!

To start, I want to give you my first impression of the concept:  

I told myself, when I began working at EASI 2 years ago, it is the first time I work in a company where such a team exists: dedicating a part of their working time and receiving a comfortable budget to organise various activities (family oriented and in-between colleagues) for everybody all year long!

As someone active in the HR sphere, I think this gives the sign that the company really cares about its employees! This is very important to me, I am convinced that we all do a better job if we are feeling happy at work!

EASI is expanding, we almost have 130 employees and the company wants to play a more important role in the well-being of the employees at work. That is why the Feel Good Committee has been created and why our team 2015 wants to set some positive habits in the company such as:

  • Organising an activity every month: whether something small (like a healthy breakfast) or something bigger like a mini-foot evening or a blind wine tasting event. We already did those 3 activities ;-)
  • And of course organising a big family or team building days!

Our purpose:

In short: make every one of our colleagues happy at work!

We want that people from different departments, can take the time to know each other better, have fun together, share different kind of moments together, experience funny stories to tell each other, create a nice cohesion in the company, etc.

EASI always had a nice work atmosphere, that is why we were elected for Best Workplace in 2014 and 2015, isn’t it?! But we want more than creating a nice work atmosphere: We want to improve the well-being of every working day at EASI. What a challenge!

In order to reach that goal, you will find below our next activities:

  • Coming soon: more mini-foot evenings
  • In May we will have a “massage at work” activity: some specialists are coming to our offices to give us a nice neck and back massage and provide us with advice on ergonomy and how to preserve our back and neck during a day at work.
  • In June we will visit a brewery and eat together.
  • And then in July, we will have a clay pigeon shooting day + lots of activities around the castle of Chérimont for our children.
  • For August, we are planning a sailing cup at the North Sea!

I think that today was good but tomorrow will be much better!!!!



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