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Günther Imbrechts,
System Engineer


Windows Phone 8 and IBM Notes Traveler

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Note from the redaction: we've published an updates version of this article here.

When Windows Phone 7 was released, IBM released a statement that IBM did have no plans to support it on their IBM Notes Traveler platform. The reason was the low market share of Windows Phone at that moment.

Earlier this year Microsoft launched Windows Phone 8 (WP8), a smartphone operating system featuring an entirely new design with the now well-known tiles. Together with the launch an important partnership was announced with Nokia, which would replace Symbian on all their phones. IBM Notes Traveler couldn’t stay behind so IBM Notes Traveler 9 provides support for Windows Phone 8. And just recently, Microsoft has bought Nokia market shares.

This makes the ties between both even stronger, although Samsung stated they would not give up developing phones for the Windows Phone 8 operating system.

So, don’t hesitate anymore and start checking your emails on your brand new Windows phone !

Here’s a short procedure how you can setup IBM Notes Traveler 9 on your Windows Phone 8 device:

  1. Go to Settings in the Applications list          
  2. Click on email accounts
  3. Click on ‘Add an account’
  4. Choose ‘Outlook’
  5. Put your email address and password and click ‘Sign In’
  6. Put your shortname as username and click ‘Sign In’ again
  7. It will tell you that it couldn’t find your settings. Click ‘advanced’ now.
  8. Now you can type your server name. Fill in

https://www.mydomain.com/traveler and click ‘sign in’.

Now your account will start syncing.

You can access calendar, contacts (also those in your other address books on the Domino Server), emails and your to-do’s.

Agenda view:

Inbox view:

Tiles view of the agenda:

Contacts lookup view:

Mail view:


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hi, i have a nokia lumia 625 and lotus traveler 9. All work fine with android and iPhone but with Windows 8, i get always the same error : you need a personal certificate to connect to xxx.mycomapny.com. I follow all steps listed unsuccesfully. could you help me? ps : My traveler use a self signed certificate. best regards



hello, I'm french and I have the same problem with my nokia lumia 925 with traveler 9. Thank



jf vannier
I am facing the following problem while using Nokia Lumia 620. Traveler Server details: IBM Notes Traveler Build 201310151651 running on IBM Domino server Release 9.0.1|October 14, 2013 on a Windows/32 (4 Processors) platform using database schema Error details: Your windows phone doesn't support this server version error code :85002028 PHONE details: Name :Windows Phone Model: Nokia Lumina 620 Software : Windows phone 8.0



I am having similar problems on Lumia 720. Custom certificate was a problem at first, but then I installed it on my WP8. But it did not help - I am now getting a connection problem Error code 8501001D. iPhone, Android works perfectly with our Domino 9.0.1, but not LUmie WP8, stupid phone



Thank you Günther :) Tried on my WP8.1 and there is an option to add "IBM Notes Traveler" now.




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