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Herman Clicq,
Marketing Manager


And the winner is...

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Yesterday evening, October 19th, the Heysels "Auditorium 2000" was completely sold out for the ceremony of the award for the 'Entreprise de l'Année 2015", a famous and prestigeous award given by Ernst & Young to the most remarkable company of the previous year.

EASI was, as you might know, nominated as one of the 4 nominees for the award, in the french speaking part of Belgium. The other nominees were Pairi Daiza, the biggest animal animation park in Belgium, Eloy Group, a construction company, and Mithra Pharmaceuticals, a pharmaceutical company.

A lot of colleagues were present to support EASI, .... but in the end, the award went to Pairi Daiza. We would like to congratulate Pairi Daiza with the award, which they received from King Philip from Belgium. We know Pairi Daiza as one of our customers and we know it is a beautiful company, driven by dreams and very well managed. They deserve the award.

We hope to get back to the awards in one of the following years, to take the first price!

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