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Christophe Clementi,
Business Consultant


Beware of the evil USB Type-C cables!

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Beware of the evil USB Type-C cables!

It's no surprise that the USB Type-C connectors will soon be widely used around the globe : no more frustration of trying to plug the cable in all the possible orientations (I know you did, several times).

But this evolution comes with another frustration : in a certain Apple-like way, I need to replace all my cables, or get adaptors, to get my current hardware to work with my brand new Nexus 5X, for example. So you go ahead to your favorite online shop and see a brand new "Type-C to Type-A" cable, proposed by some asian seller for a cheap 5€, thinking "Wow that's a good price, why should I spend more for just a simple cable ?" That's where it's getting tricky.

Not all Type-C were created equally, and Google engineer Benson Leung found it out the hard way. The cable he was testing, from a company named Surjtech, fried both Type-C connectors of his Chromebook Pixel. He was unable to charge it anymore, nor being able to act as a host when plugging any USB device. Even worse, rebooting the Pixel sent it to recovery mode, because the system could not verify the Embedded Controller anymore.

"Upon closer analysis, serious damage has been done to components related to charging and managing the USB Type-C port’s capabilities."

So Leung decided to further investigate the problem, and to tested loads of Type-C adapters/cables from Amazon, sharing his toughts about each in the commentary section.

So if your looking to buy some Type-C cables for your expensive new gadget, take a look at this list, and maybe consider spending a few bucks more, it might save you a costly repair...

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