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Christophe Clementi,
Business Consultant


Android Studio 2.0

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The latest version of the IDE for Android development has been released 3 weeks ago, with a bunch of new features under the hood. I've been working with this version since then (well, even a bit before, thanks to the Dev channel, allowing to test previews of future Android Studio releases), and here is a small feedback of the most interesting features.

  • IntelliJ 15 udpate : Android Studio is built on the IntelliJ coding platform. This update is welcome, improving a lot of daily-used stuff, like improved auto-completion, or a better implementation for Version Control Systems (such as Git, heavily used here at EASI).
  • Cloud Test Lab integration : you can now launch your tests accross a whole bunch of physical Android devices (located on Google's side) directly from Android Studio.
  • GPU Debugger Preview : this one is still in development, but already allow to debug, frame by frame, the GL state of your app. Especially usefull for graphics-heavy applications, like games.
  • Android Emulator : the native emulator is claimed to run ~3 times faster than the previous one. In practice, I found this emulator to still be slow, but the implementation of new features is welcome. A new version of ADB (Android Debugging Bridge, which makes the link between your computer and your device) also comes with it, and improves a lot the communication with your device, the deployment of applications, etc.
  • Instant Run : Probably the most useful feature of this update, Instant Run allows you to push incremental changes to your app, without have the hassle of doing a full build. If you modify XML for UI parts, or a Java file for small changes, Android Studio will recompile only the modified part of your app, and can update the corresponding view on your device directly, without even relaunching the app. On a day-to-day use, it's a wonderful gain of time!

To find more about the new features of Android Studio 2.0, click here!

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