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Christophe Verhaeghe,
Team Manager


EASI is now part of the Apple Consultants Network

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About a month ago, EASI and Appsolution joined their strenghts to achieve a new milestone in the history of the two companies but more importantly in the mobile landscape.

We decided it was also a good timing to apply and join the ACN which stands for Apple Consultant Network. Last week, we got the official mail from Apple UK stating that EASI was now part of the Apple Consultant Network

We now have the right to show the official Apple logo on our website and EASI will soon appear in the Apple Consultants search engine when people look for consultants with knowledge about Apple hardware, Mac OS or iOS development skills.

Training is ongoing.  I will certainly get back to you shortly with more news on what being part of the ACN means.

In the meantime, reach out to us in case you need help with Apple related matters but also Windows Phone and Android. (more on those two in blogposts to come).

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