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Koen Bauwens,
Sales Engineer


Mobile usage in Belgium

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I recently came across the results of an interesting study.
In this study figures are shown concerning the use of mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) in Belgium. Studies show that the use of mobile devices has doubled the last year. A total of 16% of all Belgian internet traffic comes from a mobile device. One in every three Belgian households has a tablet nowadays.
If you take a look at the evolution in recent years, it is safe to say that the use of mobile devices will only increase in the forthcoming years. EASI’s management is also convinced that Mobile is the next big thing for Belgian companies, and has thus decided to invest in taking over AppSolution, one of the biggest players in mobile activity in Belgium.
Know that EASI, who has started their mobile activities end of last year, now has the first completely professional offer regarding your mobile future. Whether it’s creating a native app for your company or helping you with Mobile Device Management, EASI has all the expertise to help you reach the top.

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