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Philippe Poupeleer,
Team Manager


Mobile Number of the Day: 22%

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In Belgium, 22% would give up TV rather than their smartphone according to the study of Google.

Last summer my television broke down. I had no problem living without a TV for 4 months. Why?

  • First of all, since I was busy with other things, I was rather happy with the time I gained by not watching TV.
  • And if I really wanted to watch something, I could do so on my iPad using the Yelo app.

So to me my TV set was like a giant, dumb (not 'smart') device which has only 1 app.

What about after 4 months? OK, I have to admit, I cracked and bought myself a Samsung SmartTV ;-)

How about you? Give up TV or Smartphone?


source: Google

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Approximately the same story here. I also bought a new Smart TV a couple of months ago. I have to admit that I prefer watching YouTube videos on my TV now, instead of my iPad or SmartPhone. I use my smartphone or iPad to browse and then I stream the video directly to my SmartTV. It's always the same with those smart devices : you don't need it until you have it! And then it's awesome :-)




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