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Med Ziane,
Business Consultant


Featuring in the Windows Phone Store

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What a great feeling of accomplishment we get when our work is put in the spotlight and is recognized for its superiority.  On February 28, 2014, along with the Nationale Loterij, we stand witness to the success of the official Belgian lottery App for Windows Phone 8, as it features on the Windows Phone Store.

Now, with all feelings aside, let me share with you the recipe for such an achievement.

It all starts with the trust that our clients, in this case the Nationale Loterij, put in us to bring such a solution to life.  After the initial go-head, an original, intuitive and highly functional design is conceived and validated against various criteria: client's requirements, Microsoft Guidelines, user-friendliness, etc.

Our talented developers begin implementing the specifications; a process that involes coordination with the designer, the client (in certain situations) and any stakeholders. With the goal of reaching the best performance and highest user-experience, the most advanced tools and expertise are applied to give that wow effect to the end product.

The almost-ready-to-publish app goes through the testing phase to weed out abnormal behavior.  The app is once again validated with the client before being submitted to Microsoft for certification.  Within a couple of days, we receive the certification result.  An approved app may be made public in the store.

For Microsoft to choose an app to feature on the Windows Phone Store, all steps above have to be executed to perfection to lead to a high quality level measured by: functionality, utility, and enjoyment.

The last time we enjoyed such a recognition was with Pierre Kroll.  This time we congratulate Nationale Loterij and take pride in our work!



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