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Günther Imbrechts,
System Engineer


IBM Notes Traveler in cluster? Say Traveler HA!

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From Lotus Traveler 8.5.3 Upgrade Pack 1, the option to configure a cluster of IBM Notes Traveler servers has become available. This offers a way to have complete failover for your Traveler users.
All these users will access a single public DNS address.

Technical information

You can configure a pool with 2 to 6 IBM Notes Traveler servers.  It’s best to reside these servers in your LAN environment. If you configure them in your DMZ, Notes link handling will not work.

In front of your Traveler servers the presence of a reverse proxy server or IP sprayer is required. It will send the Traveler connection requests to the Traveler server answering first.

Besides the IP sprayer and your Traveler servers, you will also need a separate database infrastructure. This replaces the locally stored Derby database for a standalone server. If you want to extend your high availability to your database infrastructure, you might consider to use the failover solution version of SQL or DB2.
The two supported database servers are DB2 and SQL 2008 or higher.

It’s important to know that you can migrate your current standalone configuration to a HA configuration without having to set up your Traveler client mobile devices a second time.


You are able to manage your pool of servers from the new IBM Notes Traveler administration console. You can access this console by accessing the following URL: http://traveler.yourdomain.com/lotustraveler.nsf
A new tab called ‘servers’ will be available. This tab will show you the same information as the ‘Tell Traveler HADR show’ command.

What about EASI?

If you would like to set up this configuration at your company, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
We offer different solutions for different needs:

  • Cloud-based reverse proxy
  • Cloud-based Traveler services
  • Cloud-based Mobile Device Management
  • Setup of Traveler standalone or HA in your company
  • Setup of your own MDM Server

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