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Julien Charles,
Marketing Officer


Who is mobile?

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A couple of weeks ago, I presented you a study about the presence of 755 companies on social networks. As promised I come back with the second part of the study : Who is Mobile!

My first impressions...

To be honest, I was a little bit surprised by the results. As you may know, there is an amazing number of Apps inside the two big stores : 800.000 Apps in Google Play and 900.000 in Apple AppStore. That's why I was surprised... Our study indicates that only 25% of respondents have their own mobile App... Imagine the growth potential!

A wonderful growth!

Another interesting fact is the wonderful success of Apple for these professionals : 52% of the Apps are inside the Apple App Store. Cool for a company which wasn't in mobile 7 years ago! That's why I think we still have a lot of nice surprises ahead.


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