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Julien Charles,
Marketing Officer


Why Wereldhave has worked with EASI?

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As you probably read in the press, Wereldhave, the Dutch real estate investment company, has developed its mobile apps with EASI. The company, specialized in investments in commercial properties, wanted to boost its shopping located in Nivelles with a modern marketing tool.

Vincent Leclercq (marketing manager) found EASI thanks to the recommendation of the Belgian TV channel No Télé. EASI had made its mobile app and was highly recommended by its management.

During the last 3 years, Vincent has felt the increasing importance of social networks and digital marketing. For him, it was a necessity to be on top of technology and interactivity with touch screens, a Facebook page and, of course, a mobile app.

What are the key features of the app?

  • A loyalty card
  • A strong connection with Wereldhave's backend
  • The app can evolve with the next requirements

Download the App on iOS

Download the App on Android

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