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Christophe Verhaeghe,
Team Manager


4G in Belgium - 360° overview

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This is not a sponsored blogpost.

At the end of this blogpost you should be able to get useful information about 2 trending topics:

  • Question 1 What is the current 4G coverage in Belgium and how does that relate to my company, my home, my customers.
  • Question 2 How quick and how interesting is 4G?


To get an idea ot the coverage, we browsed the web, we browsed the 3 main Mobile telecom operators in Belgium being in alphabetical order (remember , this is not a sponsored link ): Base, Mobistar, Proximus




How quick is 4G?


We must admit that access to information about network coverage and download speed is very opaque.

We found many differences between the data reported by the 3 providers. We also found out a lack of transparency concerning download speeds during the last months.

In conclusion, the data available is still very volatile.
A couple of months ago the providers were keen on showing how speedy 4G was whereas now they focus more and more on costs.

So, do not take the table for granted as if you live in village A or in the village nearby, the data speed might be completely different

It is unfortunately still very difficult for consumers to get details about the best mobile deals.


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