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Julien Charles,
Marketing Officer


Why do you need Mobile Device Management?

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During the month of june we offered to our customers a conference on Mobile Device Management. Behind this good management practice lies a technology that will increasingly take place in IT departments. But what is exactly Mobile Device Management? And what's the purpose?

Mobile Device Management (or MDM) is a software used by IT department to monitor, manage and secure employee's mobile device that are deployed across multiple mobile operating systems being used in the organization.

In order to better understand this technology, it requires to distinguish two main concepts prevalent in organizations :

  • BYOD (= Bring Your Own Device) : some organizations provide network services and corporate apps but the device is owned by the employee.
  • COPE (= Corporate-Owned Personally Enabled) : some other organizations provide a complete solution including a corporate device, corporate apps and a network solution.

You'd understand there is a lot of technical and legal differences between these two concepts due to the ownership of the device. It's the same for security... You should know that the potential risks for an organization are :

  • Data loss
  • Connection security
  • Unauthorized use

That's why MDM is so important... The aim of this solution is to help you to :

  • Protect the organization datas
  • Bring important apps to the users
  • Allow/deny access to a list of apps
  • Wipe a stolen/lost device
  • Build a wall between the personal and professional datas

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