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Quincy Cabral,
Sales Engineer, EASI


How safe is it to install an mobile app on your device?

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Recent investigation of Alcatel-Lucent shows that the number of vicious attacks on our sensitive information & data minutes, is increasing exponentially. And who else but Alcatel-Lucent is best placed to measure mobile activity and the impact of cyber- & other malicious threats on our mobile devices?

At the end of 2013, roughly 11 million mobile devices were infected by malware. In 2014, this number amounts to already 15 million infected devices, which clearly shows that these numbers are rapidly & exponentially increasing. It is shocking that 60% of these devices have been confirmed to be Android.

Mobile Malware

Typically, unsuspected Android users download third party apps from the Google Play™ Store and get infected. This happens under the form of a “Trojan Horse” type of application which, while initially appearing to be harmless, can perform a series of autonomous actions on the device. Most of the times, this results in annoying & unwanted ads (which is rather harmless). But in an increasing number of cases, the application is capable of stealing personal information, sending SMS messages or even browsing the web! This way, passwords get stolen, credit card information is exposed, etc.

Most of the times, end-users don’t take security precautions on their mobile devices and it is obvious that this is a major security issue. At EASI, we think Mobile Device Management will be - and is already – the solution for these rising problems and security breaches!

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