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Laurent Boes,


My personal view on the Apple - IBM Partnership

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Before I start, I would like to remind the reader that this is just my own view on the partnership and not the IBM nor Apple official position.

Wouldn't it be brilliant if you finally were to receive your iPad from your employer in such a way that when you receive your iPad box, it would be scanned together with your employee badge so that when you unpacked your device and turned it on, it’s been fully personalised and pre-configured for your needs and job role? Frictionless.

Your mail and collaboration stuff would be there, your enterprise apps you need for your daily work, all in Single Sign On with your Apple-ID or Company-ID.

Your device would be managed seamlessly so that personal and enterprise data would be separated and enabled for enterprise wipe when necessary. Secure.

You would start to use specific industry based business applications on your device to do your daily work as a doctor, a pilot, a social worker, a corporate banking advisor, an in-store seller etc etc… in a way that both yourself and the “client” you are serving feel delighted about the feeling, the experience, the insights, the speed. The delight factor.

The engagement you would start on your iPad with your “client” could be continued on your iPhone or later on your Mac. Seamlessly.

When anything would go wrong with your mobile experience, you would only have one support contact to get help, no matter if it’s a hardware issue, a security issue or an application issue. Transparent.

When Ginni Rometty and Tim Cook announced this important corporate partnership back in July, this is exactly what they actually announced.

Two all-time enemies have seen that the world has changed, that competition has changed and that client needs have changed very rapidly.

Both Tech giants have found out that when bundling their forces in this disruptive business climate they would be stronger than anyone else out there, fierce and committed to transform the way people do their jobs, in all industries.

As a disruptive technologies evangelist and long-time Apple addict, I really am delighted about the things coming to the market.  It just makes perfect sense, it will resonate at our mutual and new clients, because it will bring the added value that companies are looking for.

So what about the Business Partners in all this? Are they being set aside? Not at all, on the contrary.

This story goes well beyond the traditional large companies that IBM are serving since many decades. This matters the mid-sized and even smaller companies that see value in end-to-end mobility. That’s where the partners would come in with their industry knowledge, their app dev experience, their client relation.

So to conclude, I’m very exited about this partnership and the market opportunity we go after and I hope to be speaking to you more in detail very soon!


PS. EASI would like to thank Laurent for sharing this article with us. Thanks Laurent!

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