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Koen Bauwens,
Sales Engineer


EASI SmartSales: CRM for iPad

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The need for mobility in corporate sales departments has been increasing in recent years. Companies like Audi, Electrabel, Intel and many others have been investing in a mobile CRM for their sales departments. If you have a sales department that does client visits on a daily basis, the need for mobility is clearly there. More and more companies are investing in a CRM on tablets, because launching your laptop when meeting up with a customer will make you seem out of date. Having a fully functional CRM available on your iPad allows you to make a professional impression on your clients.

EASI now has its own mobile CRM for iPad: EASI SmartSales! EASI SmartSales will allow you to impress your clients with a fully functional CRM on your iPad, with all the information you need. Some of the different modules that are currently available:

  • Clients: Geo-localisation of your clients, client information, visit reports, ... 
  • Documents: Push recent documents to your sales representatives: catalogues, pricelists, presentations, ... 
  • Catalogue: Offer a product catalog to your sales department that allows you to create orders when you're on location, even allowing your clients to sign the order with your iPad! 
  • Presentations: Create presentations on the spot with your iPad
  • News: Push information directly to your sales, subscribe to RSS feeds, ... 
  • Surveys: Clients can fill in any type of survey whenever you have your iPad with you! 
  • Datasets: Allows you to show data and graphics of different types of information you would like to share with your clients

We have launched a new website about SmartSales recently. Don't hesitate to contact your EASI contacts if you would like to have extra information and/or a live demonstration in your offices.

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