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Frédéric Block,


SmartShare v7.0 sneak preview

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There have been quite many news around SmartShare products these last months... These were mainly about the mobile version which has been a major focus in 2014.

Besides working on this mobile part, starting in June 2014, we also launched the process of modernizing the user interface of the 'RichClient' application. This is the main focus of SmartShare v7.0

A few months later, we are now reaching a point that some modules are almost ready for beta phase, while others are still under construction...

I wanted to share with you, as sneak preview, how this future version looks like :




Your next question is probably to know when this new version will be available...

Our current planning is to have CRM's modules development finished in April, allowing a 2-months beta phase before going public begin S2 2015.

The HRM & DM applications are intended to ship approximatively 1 month afterwards.


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