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Med Ziane,
Business Consultant


What You Need to Know About Mobile Apps

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Are you showing interest in mobile apps but lost when it comes to how, when, what, where and who?

You're in luck... because this article is as direct as it gets to answering questions exactly like the ones you have or should be asking.

How much?

A mobile app will cost you starting from 2,000 €.  This is the average minimum for getting your concept to an app store. Depending on the complexity and features you require, this number can jump to the six figures quickly. A game will even go as high as 200,000 € and more.

How long? 

A full cycle of the development of an average app will take around 3 to 4 months. Some factors that influence this timing are: Initial analysis, back-end development, testing levels, fine-tuning, etc.

What platform?

Ideally, one should have a long-term plan to be on all major stores and platforms. But for short-term, the answer to this question depends on specifics of the app purpose and audience. Statistically, iOS is the first target, then Android and Windows Phone. Yet, by no means is this a rule!

How to monetize?

  • Freemium with ads is a model that allows you to offer your app free of charge, to gain a sizable user base, and include built-in ads in it. Facebook is the prime example of this model.
  • Pay-to-unlock allows you to offer the app free of charge, but limit the features available to the user. The latter is able to pay to unlock a full-fledged app.
  • Pay-per-download is the most direct way for a user to purchase an app before being able to use it.
  • In-app purchases is a model where the app offers items for sale. These items tend to be virtual goods but not all the time.
  • Subscription, aka paywall app model, is suitable for brands that offer a recurring service or product. Magazines do well with this model.

Duplicate app?

Your idea may not be original all the way... and it's OK. Keep in mind that the competitive advantage is the key to your app's success.

How to Market?

In an ocean of marketing strategies and possibilities, the option of utilizing social media has proven to be effective for mobile apps. Yet, we live in a material world and one can take shortcuts by buying app downloads, which translates into an app being in the top of the various stores.  Services such as www.speedyapprank.com are in business just for this purpose.

How to get started?

Since the answers above have been direct to the point, why not continue the same way. If you're interested in getting involved in a mobile app, I recommend you get in touch directly with our commercial team. They are masters of mobile.  They'll help you bring your concept to reality!


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