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Frédéric Block,


I want a SmartShare DM app on my iPhone !

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Currently using SmartShare Document Management v6 ? Interested in using this in an app on your iPhone/iPad ? This is for you !


How can I access my documents today? And in the -near- future?

Up to now, you are able to access your DM content using :

  • An IBM Notes client : in this native rich client, you have access to all application functionalities, in full read & write mode.
  • A web browser : you can access all documents in read mode. Furthermore, you can also take decisions on documents which are pending for workflow actions.
  • A mobile device : using the Web Mobile interface, you can access all documents in read mode.

In order to improve end-user experience, we are now working on a new native mobile app for iPhone / iPad !


Which functionalities can I expect on the mobile app ?

This new app will access most DM content in read mode, and even in write mode to some extent, for documents and binders, allowing you to :

  • Search : you will be able to perform a multi-criteria search (using nature, title, responsible,.. or global full text)
  • View & Edit entry details : each entry details (header, custom fields content,...) will be shown in the app and will be editable
  • View content : document's content (i.e. files and / or rich text) will be accessible through the app. This is also stored locally to enable you viewing content while mobile network is unreachable.
  • Comments : you will be able to read all comments and add new ones.
  • Notifications : when saving an entry, you will be able to notify other participants (responsible, authors,..) as you do in the IBM Notes rich client.
  • Favorites : the documents you need the most can be flagged as favorites. Favorite status is also keep in sync between your multiple iOS devices.


How will it look like?

A few screenshots is probably the best way to provide you a sneak preview :-)



How can I deploy this app, which are the pre-reqs ? When ?

On the mobile device, The Document Management part will be included within the SmartShare app, published on the AppStore.

On your own infrastructure side, your DM application must be updated to -at least- version v6.7 with a valid mobile-app licence key.

We expect to ship this new version by the end of S1 2015.


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