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Raphael Mabille,
Team Manager


A native app for resource reservation

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EASI has recently developed a native Android app for the standard resources reservation database provided by the IBM Notes/Domino plateform.



Why such an app…?

How many of you already experienced the unpleasant situation… you’re faced with a room you booked for a meeting with your customer but which is already occupied by someone else?

How many of you already wanted to book a room for a last minute meeting but cannot check quickly which room is effectively available?

Of course there is Resources Reservation but you have to bring your computer with you and to start your Notes client to check room availabilities.


Of course there are also nice room reservation solutions which provide a LCD screen next to each room, displaying the corresponding room availability and indicating who should currently occupy it. But how to do if the current room is not available and you need to book another one? How to quickly check which room is available now for a last minute meeting? You have to go to each room and check the corresponding screen until you find the first available one… I hope your building is not that big and your rooms are close enough. ;-)



That’s why EASI decided to develop a sexy and easy to use Android app, specially designed to be integrated with the standard IBM Notes/Domino Resources Reservation solution.

Using this app on your favorite tablet or smartphone, you can check room availabilities anywhere at any time.



This app provides a sexy user interface fully based on the new Material Design guidelines. This app is of course optimized for the last Android version 5 (Lollipop) but it supports also Android v4.x.


How to connect such an app to your Domino environment?

It’s very simple! We designed a custom Domino database you just have to copy on your Domino server. This database will be the technical gateway between the app and the standard Resource Reservations database.

Today we started to develop the iOS version of this app to provide exactly the same capabilities for an iPad and an iPhone. In the next version, the app will also allow the user to make a new room reservation



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This is exactly what I'm looking for. I look forward to the release of the iPad version. Thanks, Phil.



Thanks for your feedback. Sorry for the delay... I was on holiday. Development of the iOS version (iPhone/iPad) are almost done. We are currently testing a beta release of the app on our production environment.



Hi Raphael, How did the iOS version of this app go ? I couldn't find any reference to it on the easi.net website. Thanks, Phil.



Hi Phil, The iOS version is already available on the appstore. You can already download the app but to get it working into your Domino infrastructure, you need a technical Domino database we propose for sales and which provides the web services required by the app to connect the ressource reservation database. If you need more info, don't hesitate to contact us. Thanks, Raphaël



Hi, where is the custom Domino database I have to copy on my Domino server? I can't find it! Thank you very much!! This is exactly what I need!!!




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