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Nicolas Bichon,


Apple Watch: first impressions

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Last saturday, I've been in Lille visiting the Apple Store and trying the brand new Apple Watch for the first time, after making an online reservation. Here are my first impressions.

Which model to choose?

You can admire a few sets of Apple Watch under glasses in the Apple Store (even the Apple Watch Edition!), in both 38mm and 42mm, before choosing which one to try. I've choose to try the Apple Watch 42mm with the Milanese Loop (left) and the Apple Watch Sport 42mm in Space Gray with the Black Sport Band (right). I found the 38mm really small, too small for me, even if I have small wrists.

Watch OS

The first thing I've noticed is that the interface is really smooth and reactive.

The Watch OS is a very tiny OS, with very few options. I think the Watch will mainly be used to handle notifications, or to control your music, podcast or TV. We'll see that when I'll receive mine...

Sadly, I couldn't try any third party app because no one were installed on the presentation models. And I'm eager to see what other developers have done with this new device...

A new category of device

The Apple Watch is very light, you forget it instantly. To scroll or zoom, you can use the Touch Screen or the Digital Crown, which is nice to use, it allows you to scroll without hiding the screen with your finger. And by clicking on it, it brings you to the Home screen.

The new "Force Touch" gesture is really surprising, you have to make a deep press on the screen to bring up additional controls, this is not a gesture I'm used to, I was always making a long press instead.

Finally, instead of vibrating to alert you when you receive a notification, the watch does a "tap" on your wrist, the sensation is really strange, but very nice!

More info soon when I will receive mine...

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Any smart cover available? ;-)



Thanks for the info, Nicolas. Based on your feedback, I choose the 42mm when ordering my AppleWatch Sport last monday :-)



@Raphael: there is no official smart cover available. You should be able to find a lot of unofficial cases in the coming weeks. :-)




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