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Herman Clicq,
Marketing Manager


EASI's headquarters to be extended

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In 2009, EASI celebrated its 10th birthday during the inauguration of the new headquarters building in Nivelles.

During the last 6 years, we've realized a strong growth with a lot of new activities, 2 acquisitions of other companies and a lot of new colleagues.

That's why today, our headquarters building in Nivelles is being pushed to its limits: more and more often the parking is full; finding an available meeting room is becoming more and more complicated, and even though we work with flexible work seats, when most of our colleagues are at the headquarter, there are not enough seats.

EASI wouldn't be EASI if we wouldn't anticipate and react quickly to this situation:

  • the terrain next to our building was acquired
  • architects have been contacted
  • plans have been designed, and redesigned
  • administrative procedures have been completed

and so... next month of May, the construction works of the extension of our building will start!

Indeed, a new building will be constructed, connected to our existing building, which will result in 75 extra work seats, 2 more meeting rooms and a new relaxation room. The kitchen and parking will also be extended, as well as the outside terrace.

We've chosen for a modern style of architecture which will perfectly match with our existing building, and with our evolution.

The works should be finished by September, 2016. The pictures we received look very promising! Take a look here !

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