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Sammy Laamari,
Marketing Officer


Enjoy reading your emails in an empty mailbox : dream or reality?

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Two years ago, Salvatore Curaba, managing director of EASI, asked himself why traditional mailboxes are so badly organized. He heard a lot of people complain about:

  • the problems they have finding certain emails, 
  • receiving too many unimportant emails with the risk of missing important ones, 
  • the unpleasant feeling of having too many emails in their mailbox.

From that point, the InboxZero adventure began. With EASI’s professional experience in email management, Salvatore Curaba accepted the challenge of developing an email management app for the public audience.

“I knew that there were dozens of email management apps. So creating a better app was a real challenge. My final goal was obvious but very complicated to reach: To develop an app that makes people enjoy reading their emails.", confesses Salvatore Curaba.

“From the beginning, I was sure that I could reach my goal. But I really had to convince people changing their way of work in order to manage their emails, because changing old habits is certainly not easy.”, adds the founder of InboxZero.

How long have you been developing this app?

“To create a truly innovative product, you have to do everything you can, no matter how much time it takes. The most important is reaching your goal. In June 2014, the app was finished. I was delighted with its general philosophy but still not satisfied enough about its response time, so I decided to cancel everything. In other words, we were ready to launch it on the App Store and I decided 'NO GO' because I wanted the product to be perfect. It was truly a difficult moment with many doubts such as wondering if the project wasn't too ambitious. Eventually I found my courage again to carry it out succesfully."

"In the end, we worked 1000 days for developing and 600 days for designing the application and the different communication supports. Personally, I have spent more than 125 days to analyse and release all the tests. This experience was great and whatever the success of the app, I don't regret anything! Now I am completely satisfied to offer such a finished product.”

After 8 man-years, the app will be available for FREE on the Belgian App Store on May 7th. We will keep you posted next week.

To discover InboxZero’s amazing features, visit our website and like our social networks to stay informed:  Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google +.

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