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Thomas Debouverie,
Business Consultant


Apple Keynote: what's new for your iPhone and iPad ?

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On Monday 08/06, Apple's CEO Tim Cook gave the traditional keynote to start the yearly developer's conference in San Francisco. A very exciting time for iOS consultants, and for Apple devices users as well, this is when they reveal the evolutions of their different platforms for the months to come.

So what's new ?

The main new features are:

  • A new version of Mac OS X, that will mainly stabilize and speed up the whole system.
  • An update to the Apple Watch that allows watch apps to run without needing an iPhone.
  • A new streaming music service, called Apple Music, comparable to Spotify and Deezer.
  • The release of iOS 9, with:
    Siri enhancements.
    Public transports in Maps.
    Apple pay in the UK... hopefully in Europe very soon ?
    A new News app supposed to centralize all information channels into one place.
    A more advanced virtual keyboard on iPad that should greatly improve text selection and manipulation.
    Availability of the iOS 9 upgrade for all devices that support iOS 8.

In addition to these, let's focus on two major productivity upgrades.

Spotlight can search in your apps data

Spotlight search on iOS is a nice tool. It's very easy to reach (swipe down from anywhere on the main menu), and gives instantaneous results on the latest devices. It is very handy to quickly find misplaced apps, contacts, e-mails or calendar entries. 

With iOS 9, third-party applications will be able to respond to Spotlight searches !

This is a huge improvement. A few letters typed in the search bar will be able to show you matching results for apps, contacts and calendar entries, but also recent tweets, Facebook posts, NewsStand magazine articles, etc.

Even better, tapping on any of the result will open the related app to immediately display the relevant data.

Multitasking on iPad

My iPad is my home's main computer. We use it to surf, manage personal and professional e-mails, shop, handle accounts, etc. I often find myself switching back and forth between two apps, for example trying to respond to an e-mail for which information from a website is needed.

Starting iOS 9, this type of scenario will stop being painful. Two apps will be able to live side-by-side on the screen. No need to double-tap the home button to leave one app and open the other, or use the awkward 4-finger gesture.

There are of course a few downsides to this. The apps will each only have half of the screen, so they basically will be iPhone size apps. Also, this is only fully functional on the iPad Air 2.


This year's keynote was not as feature-packed as 2013's and 2014's. It was not a surprise, as Apple needed to stabilize and strengthen the huge number of changes that occured in the last 2 years. Of course as Apple customers we always want more and better innovations, so there was some disappointment.

iOS 9 still is very promising, and seems very focused on the iPad. The combination of Spotlight, Multitasking and the improved keyboard will help filling the gaps in comfort between using the iPad and an actual laptop.

Stay tuned for iOS 9 features appearing in our InboxZero, SmartMail, SmartShare Mobile or SmartSales iOS apps !

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