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Laura Timmermans,
Marketing Officer


Thank you for attending our VIP Avant-Première !

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On June 26th 2015, EASI invited our customers to our exclusive VIP Movie Avant-Première, together with their partner.

Hereby we want to thank all the participants for their pleasant attendance! We hope you enjoyed the first run of the movie 'The King's Gardens' with the famous actors Matthias Schoenaerts and Kate Winslet.

If you forgot to pick up your picture or if you want to have a digital version, you can find the pictures in our Facebook Album !
Don't hesitate to like our EASI Facebook page to continue following all our activities !

We would also like to thank our sponsors! Without the shuttles of BMW, and the support of Arrow ECS, uMedia and EMC², it wouldn't be the same.

It was a great success and we hope to see you all next year !

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