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Jérémy Stenuit,


Designing for Apple Watch

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Apple recently gave access to all videos from WWDC 2015. There are tons of different videos going from development to design.

The video called “Designing for Apple Watch” got my attention, that’s why I wanted to share it with you.

Designing for the Apple Watch is split in 3 different themes: Personal communication, Holistic design and Lightweight interaction.

Personal communication

  • We need to be attentive to user needs, if someone is busy he probably doesn’t want to be disturb all the time.
  • Keep it relevant. Notifications must be useful for the user, so send them when they need to be reminded about something at a certain time for example.
  • Pay attention and remember previous actions from the user, this will avoid him to loose too much time.

Holistic design

  • Use a black background for your app so it perfectly fits with the Apple Watch design and the black bezel.
  • Use menus for quick access and to avoid redundancy on the screen.
  • Do not put every actions in your menu, critical actions should be displayed on the screen itself.
  • You don’t need to show everything on 1 screen, instead let the user use the digital crown to scroll through the screen.
  • Provide feedback to the user using haptic tones in a certain situation.

Lightweight interaction

  • Interaction time with the Apple Watch shouldn’t take longer than 5 seconds.
  • Glances are only shown a short time on the screen so you should only show the most important information.
  • In notifications, you don’t need to put too much information as you can show all your information when the user taps it.

And finally, remember that your Apple Watch app should be a companion of your iPhone app.

You can find the Apple Watch guidelines here !

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