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Günther Imbrechts,
System Engineer


IBM Notes Traveler and iOS 9 Support

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Apple will release iOS 9 on the 16th of Septembre. As with earlier releases, Apple users are amongh the most eager smartphone users to upgrade to the latest supported version.

If your company is using IBM Notes Traveler, please be aware that your Traveler server needs some requirements to be able to synchronize after the upgrade to iOS 9.

Required setup:
- IBM Notes Traveler version
- Domino 9.0.1 Fix Pack 4.
- SHA-2 certificate (on your Domino server or reverse proxy)

Fix Pack 4 is only required if your Domino server is communicating directly with iOS devices over HTTPS. If there is a reverse proxy or any other device in between, you should check if this device has an SHA-2 certificate.

Although it might work with a previous version of Domino/Traveler, these requirements are the official software requirements for your Traveler server. In case of any issue with your Traveler server, IBM will require you to upgrade first.

So we advice you to not let your users upgrade to iOS 9 as long as your configuration does not meet the system requirements.

We will announce more information and details as soon as it has been confirmed.
We are expecting a new fix to be available as soon as iOS 9 has been released, to address the missing ECDHE cyphers.

If you need any help upgrading your Traveler configuration, please contact EASI.

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