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Herman Clicq,
Marketing Manager


« Entreprise de l’année » - «Entrepreneur of the year », a new award for EASI ?

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After the award of Best Workplace 2015, the visit of Belgium’s Prime Minister, the nomination of its CEO for the reward of Manager of the Year, and the success of its innovative email management app InboxZero, EASI continues on the right track and is now nominated as a finalist for the prestigious award of “Entrepreneur of the Year” (Entreprise de l’Année) attributed by Ernst & Young.

This honour rewards companies in Wallonia and Brussels that have known a huge growth and spectacular results while distinguishing themselves in terms of entrepreneurship, strategy, governance, sense of innovation and openness to the world.  

Salvatore Curaba, our Managing Director, explains: "All the successes and this new nomination are not only due to the important growth of EASI, but more importantly to its new concept of “company 2.0” and its focus on well-being and innovation. We offers our employees the possibility to enter into the capital of the company. This participative enterprise is what I call a "company 2.0". Our coworkers are therefore more involved in the enterprise which also belongs to them. This is why they offer the best service on the market".

"One of the keys for this success is also the well-being of our employees. When they feel good, they deliver better services to our customers. Knowledge sharing, autonomy, confidence and freedom for the coworkers, combined with a very comfortable working environment are important contributors to our employees well-being.”

"As all our customers know, we are also focused on innovation with all our innovative products: SmartMail, InboxZero, Cloud2be, EASI Financials, SmartDrive, SmartSales, ... We believe that there is a synergy between all these aspects. We have developed innovative products offered by involved and happy coworkers who can therefore provide the best service on the market. This is probably why our company knows such an important growth".

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